Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the ice cometh

the ice we got the night before last
put a sheet of sparkles over everything
it wasn't a great amount
just enough to
cover everything
and close the schools

then the sun peeked out just a tiny bit and it all started to
drip drip drip

the group in the background had just landed
with a great deal of noise
from them and the ones already on the lake
the noise of the splash down was incredible
there were quite a few more out of shot
 they seemed to be thrilled to be here
they knew something we didn't
a fog bank was coming
and it covered us in a blanket so thick
 it was spooky
all we needed to make it complete
was a fog horn
some zombies!!!

the two in the foreground
Honker and a friend
they were the welcoming committee
loud and proud
and nosey as all get out!!!!!

Today it is just grey and gloomy and wet
all the geese have gone
and Honker and a friend
are awaiting the next
gaggle of visitors