Wednesday, January 5, 2011

verrry interressting....

first of all
thank you all for commenting
and making me realise I'm not the only one
Not that I thought I was
I get over myself very quickly
so just bear with the rants every now and again
I have absolutely nothing to complain about
not when so many are suffering horrible real tragedies
around the world
I know about them and I feel for them
I got up and did what was necessary
warmed up and felt all the better for it
the Christmas things are put away
twelvth night and all that
I kept the stars out
they look sweet sitting around
and I put some with the paper balls I made last year
that are still out
think a bit of rearranging needed there!!!

The Christmas plants are still going strong so they stay
until they die!!
I don't try to keep them going all year
like some do
it makes me sad to see them try to hang on in conditions that don't suit them!

I watered the houseplants too
and found new shoots growing in the little
hi piggy!!!

and I think this one is going to bloom
it doesn't look like new leaves
so we'll see

when I saw this photo it looked rather alien
I posted it
my African Violets are all sprouting buds too
must be all that food I'm force feeding them

I found this delicious little goodie
and have plans for it
rugelah with nuts....
it comes from Croatia.....
love it when it isn't china!!!
:) :) :)
and there in the background is something I forgot to put away...
always one more thing!!!

the hubs bought me my Christmas cake, as I call it
we didn't go to the only store that carries it
 before Christmas
so I have it now
it isn't the original or even the best
but it will do
it smells right and I love the opening of the bag
and getting that first

the mail came while I was futzing around
and my free book arrived
I belong to a book "club" and at the end of last month they were trying really really hard
to get me to buy something
so I held out until it got to the
buy one get one free stage
and then I pounced!!
told you I am frugal!!!
This is brand new and I had high hopes of learning something new and exciting
I won't
and it isn't
there is one project in it that I may try
when I restock my embroidery floss
and I mean
but the coffee table is clear of the mess!!

I tried to get all the tidying done in the
but ended up
winding a few balls of yarn
aren't those colours yummy??!!

I put all my hooks and bits in a cup that belonged to my Mother
and now hopefully I can find them
I had some beads hanging and forgot I had them
so there they are right upfront and visible
may play with them soon

the other book is this one
lovely lovely knitting
fresh designs and crisp ideas
have played with it for a few days
trying to figure out what I can do
I'll show you more later
and then     and then

the place I bought the ball winder from
sent me a catalogue
damn them!!!!
I didn't know you could buy yarn that cheap on the Internet
I haven't let myself look
because I want everything I see
I'm like a child
a spoilt one
but at these prices
I can have
a few
What was it George Costanza's Dad used to say
Serenity now!!!!!
(not quite sure that fits here
but I felt like saying it)

here we have a clean desk
books at the ready
hooks and needles
I am no longer in a funk
and I hope the same
for you!!!!

I would like to again say thank you for  the comments on the last post and the cooking one
I always visit you as soon as you comment
to "see" who you are if it's your first time
yesterday I had trouble leaving comments
so know I came to visit
but ended up a

I'll bee baaack

unlike a certain Govenor
wonder if he'll make movies again
hope not!!!!