Friday, January 28, 2011

power to the people

isn't it amazing that we can sit in our living rooms and watch this live!!!!
a country standing up and making their voices heard


Anonymous said...

The way things are in the UK at the mo I wouldn't be surprised if it starts over here. I've been reading with some interest over on Facebook some of the comments on a group that has come about protesting about fuel prices and anger is running very deep at politicians of all parties at the moment. World wide civil wars seem to be the shape of the future perhaps? I don't know but I am a firm believer in standing up for what you believe to be right and just - peacefully though.

Anonymous said...

I totally ageree with you, Ruth, but unfortunately, nothing seems to change when peaceful means are used! Things have to get pretty bad before the sort of protests and rebellion such as we're seeing in the Arab countries begin. You need a majority of the population to be angry and in dire need of both practical necessities and political freedom,before this kind of thing starts. In the west, we're too complacent because things just aren't bad enough. We have freedom of speech, freedom to organize, to demonstrate, etc., and most of us have food on the table. So things do change, but very very slowly.