Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday scenes

the snow and ice are slowly melting
this was Friday as the snow fell on top of what we already had

Today the paper whites have finally started to open

they are so very welcome

and there are a few more to come

While the world changes
for the better we all hope
the animals still need to eat and make it through yet another day 
with a cold and snowy ground

they line up in the trees

and wait their turn

always on the look out

but finally able to pick and choose what they want

I am busy making X's on graph paper
while I listen to the chants for freedom
as I try to make designs to knit
the hardest thing is to choose the colours
but I have begun and hopefully
I'll have a something or other to show soon

thank you all for the comments
of late
it helps so much to get encouragement
to keep going and trying


don't have a plan in the old head
just seeing what can be achieved
I did think maybe a tiny bag of some sort to start with

hope you are all well and happy
I am!!