Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's ME!
I'm back from the beyond.
because it's boring being by myself!!
I didn't do anything exciting
I didn't do anything new
I didn't do anything of any consequence
I did find out that I am not the
one who is feeling
a bit
love that word!!
a bit out of sorts
a bit lost and down
a bit discombobulated
a little orff
just not quite right
so I decided
what the hey
lets's get back in the
and see what we can do to amuse ourselves
whatcha say
up for some nonsense!!


As long as the sun shows itself after a storm
we've got nothing to complain about
do we.
we don't.

I have been reading blogs
and it seems many many bloggers
from one end of the globe to the other
have the
(well in the
Southern Hemisphere
it's the
summer blahs)
but it seems more than that
there is a feeling of
no one quite knows what

je nais se quoi
a feeling of not knowing
if you are coming or going!!!

this new year has been quite
one of strange occurrences
the magnetic pole has shifted
so maybe it's that
we are unbalanced
and we don't know it
(I'm always out of balance so what's new!!)

Of course all the horrors that have happened
don't help
those unbelievable floods in
those poor poor people
I read a blog from there
and she has been recording the event
and it's been quite an eyeopener to see the water just on their property
and of course looking at the TV and newspapers too
the floods in California too
the snow in the South here yesterday
is wacky

the birds falling out of the sky
all over the place
the huge fish kill just off the coast here in VA/MD
hundreds of thousands
just washed up on shore
and of course
our little body of water

full with geese not knowing where to go or what to do
they are flying in by the dozen
from every direction
because the weather keeps changing
and they don't know where to go

and then the things that we humans do to each other
is the worst of all
but we won't
'go there'
for now

we had some snow the other day
not much but enough to get me out with the camera







this strange little thing
is the foot prints of a
or a
I'll let you decide


hope you are all well and happy
and balanced
 I have been working with the knitting book
but so far
haven't done anything worth showing
maybe next time
knitting takes a lot longer and a lot more

a lot

see ya's



Nilla said...

:) Welcome back! I did miss you, you know. Even though your short break was really short. Enjoy reading your texts!

Valerie said...

I've been feeling the same Marilyn :( the horrors on tv, the january laziness...
so I'm visiting to enjoy your snow (I love your heart header -- because this is a heart isn't it ?! ) photos AND to give your a big ((((hug)))) from across miles & ocean; I hope you feel better xx

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

Im so glad youre back :) and i dint have to wait for to long happy happy, great you found youre mojo to take fun and pretty pic´s ,love them ,i think the foot print is youres you where just on youre tiptoe

its really strange what is happening in the world :/

and knitting is fun to ,litle more time but in the end its worth it ,cant wait to see what you knitt ,what kinda book is it you have ?

Merchy said...

Hello Marilyn! So happy you are back again in blogland!
Yes I agree everything seems a bit strange this beginning of the year.
Let's try to calm, relax and keep on knitting and crocheting!
Hugs xxx