Saturday, January 1, 2011 we are

on the other side of the calendar!!!
It is officially the
New Year.!!!!!
two thousand
How did we get here so fast?
what I wonder
is this new year
 spread out in front of us
 going to bring?

I wrote a whole bunch of stuff
sitting and thinking about the past year
and I deleted it
the year is over and gone
this new one is a new beginning
a fresh start
let's go with that!!!
I found all these photos on the camera
this morning
taken over the past few days
put down and forgotten
so when I loaded them I found
these that I post

in with the new
the amaryllis
finally bloomed
in between Christmas and the New Year
love it
it's white!!!!!

out with the old
the Christmas roses
dried up and died
so out with the dried up and dead!
in more ways than one!!

this blurry shot was yesterday morning
first thing
the moon and a bright star
with the sunrise beside it
the last day of the old year
but still so lovely

this heart is for the hope that you had a great time over the past few weeks
getting all the things done that you planned for
that you were surrounded with love of family and friends
and carry that feeling into the new year

I did a tiny bit of baking on Christmas Eve
I used to spend three weeks in the kitchen
baking my little socks off
when my Mother was still alive
she would watch from the sidelines
and tell me how much I reminded her of her mother
someone I never knew
but was somehow like and connected to
my mother couldn't bake
for all the tea in china
so I got the baking gene I guess
I had to get something

my sister got so many other genes.....
a good brain... the ability to reason and do things right!!!!
Organisational skills up the kazoo
I bake and make a mess!!
in more ways than one...
but I love it so all's well!!!

I have gone back to drinking tea these past few weeks
I haven't had a cup of tea for so long I don't remember
I have a cup in the afternoon and obviously this one came with the best
butter cookies I ever made!!
I got the mug in the grocery store because  it was on sale and I like the faces!!!
and I have lost my Christmas mugs
note to self
charity shop visit added to list of things to do!!!
or a really good sale at the other shops
were things are 80% off and another 25% at the check out
and they still make a profit!!!!

this is here because the husband pointed it out
the sun is shining in the lamp
and we have
solar powered light!!!!

I made myself some fingerless mittens
you know what
they DO work
you just have to get used to the
fingers being out there and naked!!
and I put them on in the early morning in
until they annoy me and I take them off!!!

and finally
(I hear the cheering)
this is what I made yesterday
a whole pile of
Latvian style
(also now called bacon buns")
they are a staple at celebrations in Latvian culture
(little yeast dough buns stuffed with bacon and onions and nothing like the Polish ones)
my husband doesn't get to partake anymore and he sorely misses them
so out of the goodness 
of my little cotton socks
(an expression my father used to use)
I made him some
the husband not the father!!
this is what I left him with
he ate them
and was happy
and now I really did it
and will have to make him more
more often
because now he knows I know how to make them