Friday, December 31, 2010

A long long time ago

when I used to go to church
and I used to sing
I went to
St George's Chapel
in Windsor Castle
most Sundays
it was just me and my friend
whose father was the
Queen's Pipe Major
(he's the man who plays the bagpipes for the Queen)
as I said
 mostly it was just my friend and me
and the
"Choir of St. George's"
a choir very much like the one in the video
voices of angels
little boys
who once they had sung
turned into,
little boys!!!!
This song was my favourite one to sing with them
she and I
in the chapel
in a castle
that has parts of it that have stood for a thousand years
I no longer go to church
nor do I sing
but when I heard this song
the Dr. Who Christmas Special
(of all things!!! :) )
I found great big wet tears rolling down my face

I had forgotten...

the hubs didn't understand of course
plus I couldn't explain why the tears where there
I tried to find the sound I remember
and this one comes the closest
so I hope you will indulge this little
weepy trip down memory lane and listen to it again with me

on this last day
of the first decade
of the
21st Century

you can see it here
when I load videos it messes things up so I have left you a link )
the reason for the season is
 in fact
the bleak mid winter
when the light starts to come back
on the solstice
we needed a light to get us through
so they gave us one.