Friday, December 24, 2010

A light for Elizabeth

and for all of you who may pass this way!

Elizabeth Cat

suggested that she and I light a candle today
to feel a little closer
 in the spirit of friendship
So I did.
I light it for all of you too,
who have taken some time to come here this past year
make me laugh
or cry
who have encouraged me
complimented me
and just generally made me feel
especially on those days
when I have felt anything but.
this blogging "thing" has turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined
as those of you who blog
It's funny how with all of the millions of us
you somehow find a few that turn into
what can be called
my friends

Happy Christmas
in all the languages there are
on this planet
enjoy yourselves
eat too much
if you drink too much
stay put and sleep it off there!!!
stay warm and cool
 most of all
I'm logging off for now
my hands hurt!!!

and I need to feed the birds
wild duck prints in the snow
(sounds like a song!!)
and bake some cookies
for the man in the room on the right
love ya