Sunday, December 5, 2010

chilly sunday

did it get cold overnight
and today the wind is blowing
so it feels even colder than it is
but I'm not going anywhere so
let it blow let it blow let it blow

Last night I took a photo of the battery operated candles I bought the other day
they sure do give off a lot of light
the sun had just set
so before I drew the curtains on another day
I lit them and
took a picture
love the still blue sky in the background

I haven't gotten the Xmas Box down yet so the amber autumn candle holders will do for now
I love the change of seasons
act accordingly
with the colours in the house
and the
knick knacks!!!!


I wish I lived in

Hope you all had a great week end and got to do something nice
and that the weather has improved in those parts
where it has been so cold and snowy

Take care all
and I'll see you tomorrow