Wednesday, December 8, 2010

still here doing my best!!

I don't know why but the more I do the less I get done!!

I have a cut on my thumb that it getting in the way of the hooks and needles
and it's really pissing me annoying me.
why do little things hurt so much

the weather is frightfully cold
and I can't seem to get my feet warm
someone suggested I wrap them up in the hats and scarves I've made!!!
If they were mine
I just might
I do wear socks but with the  tile floors
( why did we do that?)
they stay on the cold side
OH well
if that's all I have to gripe about
I'm good!!!

another Pink thing making itself known
my miniature violet suddenly
burst into bloom and just makes me smile
it really is all the little things that count
because in the "real" world
it isn't so hunky dory
why is it that when someone
speaks the truth
they get
slapped with a
sex crime
 really think we are

and does Sweden really require that condoms  be used each and every time
and how do they know
does anyone know the answer to that

if this world could only be fixed by giving each and every one of
a cosy
I know a few women who'd whip up some squares in no time flat
and while they napped and sucked their thumbs
we'd fix what's so very broken
and make it all better.

bah humbug!!