Thursday, December 9, 2010

jack frost

nipping at your nose!!!

the front door this morning

it was the coldest night so far this season

but the warmth inside soon melted the frost on the door

and on the other side of the house
the sun lit the cactus up

The lake is frozen
which is unusual
but I guess that's how cold it is
so I hope the sun stays out today
and warms the air a little
and the wind we have had the past few days
blows no more!

The reference I made yesterday
Sweden and condoms
stems from the arrest of Julian Assange
on the charge of rape.
When I wrote it I didn't know
what Swedish Law considers rape.
I know now
but I still
think it's a trumped up charge
because of what
Wiki Leaks has done.

What people wrote in the comments
is what they wrote.
I have no problem with them.

False charges doesn't help those in real situations
at all
If the charge is true
then he should pay the consequence
if it isn't true
and it will be very hard for him to defend himself
with the
behind this
those that wrongly accused him
should pay those consequences

the end

It can be a cold
world out there

hope we get some
clarity soon!