Saturday, December 4, 2010

how can it be

Saturday already
I had no idea what day it was when I got up
and was amazed to find out
must be the
that has turned my brain to mush!!

I felt bad dissing the cactus
so this morning I took her portrait in the brilliant sunshine
to show the true loveliness
you may be pink and loud
but you sure are
and so well put together

You are amazing little plant and I do acknowledge

In this house
when the red dishes come out
(and are in obvious need of a good washing!!)
It Is Christmastime
I will do some decorating
when the festive mood hits

in the meantime
having finished a couple of things
I started
a couple of things

 two hats and a scarf

a hat
a scarf in the most simple and easy pattern
(it's called "easy peasy" and I'll find the link)
done on BIG needles with THICK yarn
and it's coming along

the scarf that isn't for

a pile of things on the chair
slowly growing
and I am still surfing and looking for whatever there is
to do!!

on the subject of festive mood
the husband spied these at the grocery store
and I got this picture
just seconds before
it was

Back to the salt mines
time is a runnin' by fast

how are you all getting on with your
I have spied some mighty fine things out there.....
can't wait to see them all
posted and displayed

see ya!


(here is the link to the