Sunday, December 12, 2010

silent sunday

It's going to get really cold
they tell us
and we may get some snow
I just saw on the blog I read from Tennessee
that they have snow
and cold
so who knows where it will go

as long as I have my cutie pie to make me smile
and we don't have any disasters of any kind
there isn't much anyone can do

the lake was shrouded again this morning
another quite large gaggle landed in the fog
I could hear them
the ones already here
but I couldn't see them
they sound so plaintive in the early morning
I suppose I would too if I had spent the night outside on a wet surface!

this isn't santa
it's a close cousin
I found him years ago
and had to have him
he has
and the light stinks today and this was all I could do with it

and if it snows
I hope it has glitter!!!!

I am almost done with the
I will show you
if you want
when they have all the ends woven in and finished

stay warm
or cool
depending where you are

til manyana
(I don't have the little accent on my keyboard)