Wednesday, December 22, 2010

before you go...


and get really stuck in with what you have to do
I made a little
just for you!
with some luscious roses
and a few cuttings from the garden

I hope it brings a smile
across many a mile

and I wish you all
who won't be back
Merriest of All
Stay safe
stay warm
or cool
or dry
whichever it may be
and we'll see you back
on the other side
of the day
that finds a tree
inside the house
filled up with light
and gifts wrapped round its base
may the day bring you all
much love and joy
and a big smile to your face!!!!!

Merry Christmas Dear Readers
and come back soon
to tell us tales of
christmas cheer
with all those that you hold so dear!!!

Meanwhile for those of us still here
another type of star was made
five squares
five patterns
stuck on the shade

the princess angel and the skinny one
still waiting to find out what's what...
and if they're done

the corner of the living room
it looks a little queer
a star an elf and a yellow bird 
and egyptians
in the rear

and speaking of rears...

she having none of it
she doesn't care
and she's not playing anymore
so under the coffee table she will stay
until it's time to eat
I dare say

BTW, I made a friend some fingerless mittens
and I forgot to take a picture
she's the one who works in the Post Office
where it is so cold because if she turns the heat on the postage falls off

and today is her Birthday
so I took them up to her
and she
they took maybe two evenings to make
I put both of them on the needles so as to be sure I made two!!!
just 38 stitches wide
a few rows of 2k 2p
then stockingette
until they are long enough
 more 2k 2p
sew them up the side
leave a hole for the thumb
you have yourself a happy friend
she put them on and said they really really work!!
just incase you have a spare five minutes!!!