Thursday, December 16, 2010

terrific thursday

I noticed that I have a couple of new followers!!
And there were a couple of comments left from new visitors
and a visit from
Elizabeth Cat
is always a wonderful surprise
I don't remember how to say
in Latvian
I woke up extra early this morning
how's 5.15 am sit with you?
so the day will be long
I hope

As you can see from the photo below
we have a frozen lake
covered by a blanket of snow

albeit a thin one
but they say we may get up to 3"
which for the first snow is quite a bit around here
further SOUTH
they are in for 5" or more
Hope the youngest son
makes it through alright!!

this was just a few minutes after it started
I bought a roll of wrapping paper the other day
incase I don't have any or can't find it
this little one has taken a liking to it
she was resting her head on it yesterday and when I tried to move it
she objected
Happy Christmas
Mummy's Little Angel

this is the mess on my desk
cold coffee
patterns on the desktop
on the monitor
and one of them is

the reason for the circular needles
I found a pattern
and it's working
so far
NO it's working
and hopefully I will have a hat soon
I love the stich pattern
it looks like bricks
dashes and dots

and the obsession with the stars
Thank you to those of you who said thank you for posting the tut
I said, on Flickr, that if you don't have fancy shmancy paper
you can use computer paper or magazines or wrapping paper or old books
but not the first editions or the antique ones
I'm going to "scatter " them around the house soon
and of course
take a picture or twelve!!

is a ruffly twisty scarf made with the yarn left over from the
Tunisian one
I made
that isn't for
the hubs said he thought it was
yes, he noticed!!!

the night before last
while I was cooking dinner
I had something to look at
that was quite

the Heron was dining along with me
I saw him catch THREE fish
I'm not sure he should still be here
but I'm so glad he was

and Jack is still around

have a terrific day
stay warm and safe
and I'll catch you later