Friday, December 17, 2010

ho ho who

yes Virginia
there is a Santa claus

around these here parts
Santy Claus
comes on the back of a fire truck
and stands outside your house
greets the
l'il uns on the corner

he has his pitchur took
with the locals
who come out on a
very frosty
see what all the
is about

he moves fast
so as not to get his face
taken too clear

and the ladies
cop a feel
when the Missus ain't a'lookin'

and the photographer
nearly breaks her neck
on the icy patch
but hey
the fire crew was there
so if I had taken a tumble
I'd a'bin
picked up by our

Just thought I'd  let you know how
special our neck of the woods is
Santa comes a'callin'
and the look on the little ones faces
was just


Svana ValerĂ­a said...

i love santa :) its fun for the kids so see him and even more fun to get a pic with him

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, BRRR! Cold in your neck of the woods. The day here is starting out rather hazy and still rather warm. Love your ruffle scarf. good luck with the circular hat! I must try making those stars, but first I have to start cleaning. After the dust storms, ugh, such a mess. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

manda's challenges :) said...

Awww our santa comes on a tractor hehe but it is magical xx