Friday, December 3, 2010

still here.....

I just couldn't do it anymore this morning
I think I am almost at the end of it
and I may never pick up a needle or hook again
I have "crochet wrist and elbow"-itis
I know a lot of you out there have it too
why can't life be like a 22 min. TV show
start to finish and
poof it's done!!

:) :) :)

Just to do something a little different
I looked in my paper file in my
"Favorites" folder
and found the snowflake link from a couple of years ago

and made a couple of snowflakes
I don't have as much paper as I used to
I guess I used it all last year
and I don't know if I kept the ones I made
will have to look and see if they are anywhere
but these were fun to do and it got my mind off the hooking for a bit!!!

I got the sparkly candle holders out
and the other day I got some of those battery operated votive candle thingummies
I'll make a little set up and show you one of these days
it really really works....

!! :) !!

this is the Christmas begonias
with a little bling

and this is Rudolph before he hits the booze
 to get that famous red nose of his

Of course the Christmas cactus is cooperating
it exploded the other day in all it's
neon pinkness
when I bought the bloody thing it was supposed to be
so it's doing it's little thing over there in the kitchen window
shining brightly in the morning sun

I hope the amaryllis
isn't going to work against me
it, too, is supposed to be white
but who knows what it will turn out to be
but who cares, just as long as it grows

I think I am coming down with something
probably got it from someone in a store
wish sick people would stay home
or it's cinnamon poisoning from that
useless craft store
I do use the complimentary wipes they supply at the door
but who knows who touched them last!!!
'nuff griping
hot soup and jammie's is what I need



Valerie said...

you're all set !!!
thank you for the "snowflakes boost" ! this is the weekend activity in tomorrow's Advent gift bags (couldn't use chocolates or candies in each of them, so I tried to figure fun & almost free things to do too) yours are pretty ! where are you going to hang them ?!
i have 3 christmas cactus in this house (i love them because they are low maintenance !) only white though. i can see some little buds so maye they'll be on time for Christmas...
enjoy your weekend & your jammies x

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, hope you didn't come down with a cold. My oldest passed his to me and I am just getting over it. I haven't been blogging since the last of November and cannot believe it is already December 4th. Yikes! Time flies. I've done nothing to decorate for the holidays. Where does the time go???

I just got caught up with your posts and see that you mentioned my busyness in one of them. :)

Love your paper snowflakes. I crocheted the day away yesterday since I wasn't feeling well. And made some soup and cornbread. The cold and sinus medicine helped too.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Tammy

Kimbles said...

I feel for you I suffer with my hands too - docs said pace yourself! when you are a crafter that is impossible!!! we make the most of every spare minute - love the snowflakes and hope you feel better soon!