Monday, November 1, 2010

news from up north

the photos I thought were lost
are lost no more
plus I got some others that the sister took
we'll look at those another time..
but in those I found these

I made and gave the sister some cloths to use as she will
but someone else has other ideas

this is Blizzy

he is their cat

he likes to sit on the table and help her do her beading

he also likes
crocheted cloths
look at that face!!!!
glad you like them
orphan boy.....
cooochee cooocheee


manda's challenges :) said...

haha that is one contended cat bless him xx

Anonymous said...

I tell myself they stay close, on projects cos they miss me. *wink*

I really know it's the project they want.

Anonymous said...

Morning!! 'Bye! Off to work. Apparently, Blizz OWNS the house; we're just the live-in servants. So sayeth the Man in THIS house!

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a cutie! Cats can make themselves comfortable just about anywhere. Hope you are having a great day. Once again, I'm off to bed. Best wishes, Tammy