Thursday, November 18, 2010

can't see the forest for the trees

Is this what your coffee table looks like
please say yes
so I don't feel like a complete slob
that's what they are for though
to put stuff on
all your stuff at once!!

I have been slogging away on the basket weave knitting
and still love how it looks
I will share the pattern soon
but if you don't want to wait just do a search on
basket weave
and you should find it
I realised that I would need more yarn to finish it
so ventured up to the craft store
husband also needed something
side note
men should not be allowed in spaces where women dwell
craft stores
he drives me up the wall
and across the ceiling
I told him they didn't have what he wanted but
he had to look and see for himself
Staples is for men
it's very
"to the point" and sterile in there
so go there next time to get what you need
and leave the
fru fru to us


I found some plastic rings
to make some of those woven buttons
think they are called
Dorset buttons
or something like that
I saw a how-to ages ago but never found the rings
until today
may add one or two to the basket weave
now I have to find the how to.....and the rings are a little on the small side but I'll give it a shot anyway


I wondered if the little flowers I made in the summer would fit
so I got them out
and put them on the coffee table
aren't they sweet?

the husband,
man that he is,
thinks this (below) has too many
"holes" in it
I explained it's called

the remote was there because I watched
Pioneer Woman on the Food Network in her show with
Bobby Flay
have you seen it?
(those of you here of course)
in case you haven't I won't spoil it and say who won
but this time the right one did!!!!!!
It is so nice to hear her voice
see her kids and
the best thing of all
Marlboro Man
her basset hound
if you get a chance do watch or tape it
they are repeating the show over the weekend I think
Her blog is the first one I read
when I found blogs a few years ago
and I thoroughly enjoy it
she is a delight
and if you have no idea who the hell I am talking about
"Pioneer Woman"
 is the name of her blog
it's worth a look

and while making said
basket weave
I was wondering if I could
translate it into
I "felt" I had seen it somewhere
or something very similar in look
right on the front of the book I got for my birthday
right there
in front of my eyes
on the coffee table
for the last few days
it's been there
 the whole time
think it's time to clean up and sort the mess!!!
and now I will go see what else I can get into
have a good whatever
and I'll see you all later!!!



allertadele said...

My whole house seems to resemble your coffee table, so that should make you feel a lot better about it!! I love those flowers too x

Debi Y. said...

Don't feel bad - my work area next to the couch is just as bad.

I love the flowers. :)

Nilla said...

Seems like I just have to repeat what has already been said...

Oh yes, I can surely make a mess like that when in the middle (or beginning, or end) of a project! And not just on the coffee table... So don't feel bad! Someone once said to me that there can never be perfectly tidy in the home of a creative woman. I really took that one to my heart! :)

And I really love your flowers! They are truly wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My coffee table currently has a ton of toy cars, jigsaw pieces and discarded snotty tissues from a certain almost 3 year old little boy who has a cold! My lounge floor isn't much better - son has made a big den with all the cushions and a couple of blankets and is having great (albeit snotty) fun playing Iron Man with a teatowel on his head! Oh to be young again!

sophie...^5 said...

Everyone needs a table like that or else you wouldn't feel you had accomplished much. Then of course finding things and putting them in order....aaah!