Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Good morning all!!
Hope you all had a great day on Thursday
and you indulged yourselves
in all there was to indulge in!!
and those of you who didn't
hope you had a good day anyway!!!

So, now we begin the countdown to the other big celebration

After two days of overcast skies
and general yuckyness
it is bright and beautiful today
albeit cold
but it's supposed to be cold now
so it's OK!!

For MY first Christmas purchase this year
I bought these very festive
from the

Hardware Store.
Husband needed some sand paper so off we went to get it
and to make sure he didn't get lost and wander too long in the humongous building
I went with.
I always check out the plants in said establishments
as the nurseries are usually too busy and very expensive
and most of them are closed at the moment
or just have trees
but I spied these little beauties
and thought how very
they looked with the red and green splotches
so I got the last two decent ones

the racks and racks of poinsettias looked
very sad and already used
so I avoided them this time
such a shame when the new stuff comes in
with an already
used look
but there is so much of everything already
and it has that
picked over feel about it
and we have just begun!!
I was very happy to see the parking lots full of cars
and lots of people in the stores
Living where we do it's tempting to run up North a bit and use the huge Malls up that way
but yesterday it seems
everybody and their brother were here at "home"
spending spending spending
good for the local economy

I have finally finished the basket weave knitted thing
I guess it's more a
neck warmer than a scarf
I put the
Dorset button on and made a little loop and
Bob's your uncle
If it keeps getting colder I may just wear it!!

LE  Buton!!!!

Another Divine hat in the making
for someone
not me!!
I also got another book the other day
husband gets little reminders from Amazon
and acts accordingly
I still have to start the others I have
but Winter is here
so I will be reading them soon

As we were up that way
we of course made a stop at the
"useless craft store"
this visit was for me
but he came in anyway
just to browse
he said
to see if they had the glue he needed
( they didn't the last time so I didn't think they would this time)
his visit didn't last long at all
and I actually didn't blame him one bit
this aforementioned store
has a nasty habit
at Christmas time
of putting those very smelly
very unpleasant
to some
stinking nasty pine cones
at the front door
the ones that smell like
you fell in a vat of cinnamon and other pungent spices
and you can't get out
Now, I realise that some like that odour
but there are some of us who don't
 and find it most disagreeable
and quite
gag inducing
I am one of those
so I gagged my way to the yarn section and got what I wanted
and got the
heck outta there
to find the husband in the car with all the windows open.
I can't imagine having to stay in there for hours but maybe they don't notice it anymore
and are so saturated by the stink they have become immune
oh and there was a very creepy man in there that also added to my hurry up and get out attitude
(shivers at the thought)

and the yarn I  got is to make this

also not for moi!!!!

so, back to the hooks and needles
have to go and check that what I did last evening
 while watching a

Law and Order UK marathon
( the show you love.... but this time with......
 :) :) :) :) :) :) :) )

is as it should be

I look forward to the Turkey sandwiches I will no doubt be making a little later
best part of all

so enjoy your day
be good and be kind
especailly if you have to go out into the throngs
I have no intention of doing so



elaine said...

Oh, love your basket weave scarf! It looks lovely finished with the dorset button:) Beautiful!

As much as I do love the smell of cinnamon and christmas spices, I don't think overpowering me at the door would intice me in:)) Torture being the yarn shop too! You would think it would permeate the yarn...:(

Lovely presents you are making - lucky family;) xx

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in primitive folk art the pineapple is used as a means of signifying welcome?

pertinitac@ said...

Lovely scarf, I love that basket stitch! And the divine hat, I've made two already, thanks for posting about it!!

allertadele said...

Lovely scarf and the hat too!

Nilla said...

I like that scarf! Lovely with the button. Gave me inspiration! Which I don't need right now, since I have too many projects going on already, both in my project basket and in my head... ;)Hope to remember it when I get the time!