Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what a wonderful end to the day

what a difference a day makes

took a walk around the garden this afternoon
and found you a plate full of colour
and beauty!!!

all the colours

all mixed up

and just sitting there
waiting to been looked at
and seen

I have never seen these leaves before
probably from the neighbours tree
but what beauties they are

then a little later I was outside again and I just happened to look up
at just the right moment
look at this

it wasn't a rainbow

it was up in the clouds
not a complete circle
but a spectacular bow
all the same
aren't we lucky to see this?
it was right over the house
my house
our house
right over
what a beautiful day

:)  :)  :)  :)

1 comment:

elaine said...

wow! I've never seen a rainbow go upwards like a bow, how cool is that?? And those leaves! Stunning colours, so inspiring:)) Don't think I could find as much colour as that in my garden in November. I must have a look tomorrow:))