Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi there.....

did you miss me?
I thought there was a post here, but there wasn't
so nothing got posted yesterday
I'm a twit

I've been going to the
page these days
instead of the blog page
I didn't see that the post I wrote the day before yesterday
wasn't there!!!!!

Ruth Marie

 gave me a blog award
and I wrote 10 things about myself
which is part of getting the award
and then you name 10 blogs and send people over there
on and on

but for some reason
I seem to have hit the
draft button
instead of the
publish button
and it didn't show up
which is a good thing
as it happens
because the
10 things I wrote
you don't want to know that nonsense
so you were saved
and you didn't even know it

Today is the day before
here in the States
It is my favourite holiday
I find the
after nearly a year of
commercial craze of Christmas

oooo try saying that after three cups of coffee!!!

Ruth Marie.....
if you are reading this
thank you for the award
and I will take you up on your offer of not doing it
I know you won't mind!!!

So, I just thought I would pop in and tell you this.
Nonsense continues here  in

Now I have to go pop the pie in the oven
well after I make it
will see you all in a bit!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem at all! You know my reasons why I did mine but I normally do not bother with blog award malarkies. Thanksgiving seems like such a lovely holiday time - I really do wish that we celebrated such occasions over here in the UK.