Wednesday, November 10, 2010

slow times

It is a very quiet week so far!
Except for finding some Aussie cookies in the store the other day
not much is happening.
I didn't eat them all
it was just for show
they are really sweet
so they will last a very long time
unless the resident with the sweet tooth claims them

the weather is really nice and sunny
blue, blue skies
and when darkness falls
at 5.00
5.00 pm
it's nice to draw the curtains and get supper ready
settle down and hook or knit
a listen to TV
until I pass out!!!

the husband is still getting his stuff together
believe it or not
and making small steps on his project

I like my projects much better
you grab a ball of yarn
wind it or not
or cast on a few stitches
and away you gooooooo!!!

I baked my favourite fruit cake on Sunday
it tastes really good with a cup of coffee
in the afternoon
with or without

I took a little walk yesterday afternoon while the sun was setting
there really isn't anything of great interest
but I did spy these and snapped them
don't know what the tree is but it has enormous leaves  and these hairy little seed pods
will have to look and see if I can
ID it

and I think this is a wild blackberry bush
the leaves are unusual in their markings

and my
gentle giant
the beechnut
in the last rays of the sun
it was a lovely sunset
that lit up the colours of all the trees
and felt so peaceful
there were rather a large flock of ducks that flew in
they didn't want their pit'chur took
I told them I didn't appreciate that
if they land here
they should know the ca-rrrazy lady over there
who hides behind trees
likes to take pit'churs

but they didn't listen
must not have been

we took another trip to the
"useless craft store"
mr neverending project needed some things
and I needed some yarn to finish the red scarf
and while I was there
I let him choose his colour for his scarf
he chose burgundy
 along with a colour called
I am knitting him his scarf
he has given very specific instructions and I am complying

half of it is done
and my wrists hurt!!!
too much vacuuming
leaf blowing
but I will survive!!!!!

so t-t-t-that's all folks
for now
have to go check on the meatballs

have a good one all
see ya later!!!


manda's challenges :) said...

oooh that fruit cake does look delicious, did you pick any yarn for you hehe

Pammy Sue said...

There you go posting pictures of food without giving us the recipe again! Can we have your fruitcake recipe? Can we? It looks wonderful.

I just saw your post with your yarn winder. Hee-hee!

Hooked On Yarn said...

Tim-Tams ARE very sweet! Did you try the Tim-Tam slam? (biting off opposite corners and using it as a straw. Best not done in polite company!!)