Friday, November 12, 2010

They're back!!!!

Imagine having to read the
without the
relief of photos

so thanks to a fellow flickrer
this tree is a sycamore tree
this one has holes in it
don't think all of them do!!
swiss cheese anyone!

here it is
against the clear blue sky
we have had these last few days
just beautiful

haven't got a clue what this is
other than a very pretty
very white and very glowing
seed pod
I'm not showing you the one covered in
icky yucky bugs
nice of me huh!!

so we are back up and running
well not running
I don't run anymore
although I was quite the runner
as a girl
I beat the
gym mistress's daughter
one field day
(sports day)
at school
I was quite the heroine
that day

not with the gym teacher or her daughter of course
but the other girls
in our gym uniforms with our
thick navy blue stiff as a board knickers on underneath
they were like babies training pants

it was also the day I knocked the hair piece off the head of
Mademoiselle whatshername
the French teacher
she was very tall and thin
with bright red hair
and she wore it in a
and that day we discoverd
it had a little
that was not visible
wonderwoman here
threw a ball down the field
and pooof
mes enfants
her hair fell off
true story
I swear!!!

did you ever de-chignon a teacher?

I made inquiries about the size of the photos
and was told
by the geek squad of one
that they aren't too big....
as I know nothing about these things
even when I look them up
I will defer to his
knowledge of these things

 it's much less stressfull
that way!!!

see ya'll later



elaine said...

de-chignon:))) Brilliant;)) So can we run out of space for photos then or was it a blogger glitch? ;)

MiA said...

The autumn colours are stunning :))
Here in cold sweden autumn has passed and trees are all without leaves. Very grey and dark... maybe if we get some snow it will lighten up a bit.

manda's challenges :) said...

hahahahaha that did make me laugh what a tale to tell brilliant xxxx

Ruth Marie said...

Urggh! Knicker shorts! I hated those things too with a passion! I expect they were invented by a man!!

Andi said...

LOL..that almost made me pee. You are too funny. Enjoy your early darkness and keep knitting and hooking my friend. BTW I can't seem to get enough of your beautiful pictures!