Tuesday, November 2, 2010

good the day is over!!!

today was one of those days when one asks oneself
why did you bother getting up this morning.
do you have days like that?
 I hope so,
therefore I am happy it is time to turn the lights on
get settled for an evening of crap tv and bedtime.
Here's to a better day tomorrow
and i bid you all
a good night!!!



Anonymous said...

You could say that for sure with me. Today has been an off day all day long. OY... bring tomorrow. Hugs. tammy

Svana Valería said...

well i think we all have those days ,but there will be a other day and lets all hope it will be so much better then the one before ,ive been having some of those boring day´s but dont really have time to take them in to many things to do with all the kids
but im hoping with maby a litle snow to brigthen my day´s i can be glad again and i hope you find the the light you need :)
love Svana vikingur prinsessa ;)

Hooked On Yarn said...

I have those days all too frequently!! A little hooky time in the evening is a good antidote :)

elaine said...

Funny I had that kind of day yesterday too. It took me till the evening and a little bit of hooky therapy to settle back down into something resembling normal again. Hope you feel better with a new day xx