Wednesday, November 17, 2010

windy wednesday

so what to talk about today
after a day of nothing posted.
Yesterday was an absolutely miserable day
weather wise
rainy and blustery

as you can see the leaves are off most of the trees
but the beechnuts are holding on to theirs for a while longer
we had a thunderstorm at midnight last night that woke me up and got me out of bed in a second
I went and lay on the couch for a while as the lightning and heavy rain on the skylight
scared the you know what out of me
it didn't last long
but it was enough
to get me to move!!
today is a bright as a new penny and while it's still breezy
it's better than yesterday
as I had nothing of the domestic kind to do
I spent the day trying out new stitches
knitted and tunisianed!!
the one below is knitted basket weave or cross stitch
I found a little piece I had done before
remembered how
so started with this yarn left over from the husbands scarf,

(which was noticed by Elizabeth Cat
and she saw that the colour was exactly what it was chosen for
the Latvian Flag)
I will tell the "precious jewel" what the
18th November  means
but I want to know
Independence Day........
when the
"wall came down"
or something more ancient!!!
or I will Google it!!!!!

this one below is from the new book
and it's with the pure wool I bought a couple of weeks ago
it's very loose and floppy
which I think will be nice
maybe a little wrap for the old shoulders now that
the cooler weather is here
in between hot flashes of course!!!

this is the same one I showed the other day
I think
and it's working up quite fast
love this yarn!!!

and then the one on the two needles that people seem to think is so nice but so difficult to do
it isn't and you should try it!!!
so three or four things going at the same time should keep me busy for a while!!!
that way I don't loose interest in any one thing

I can imagine an ordered mind would find this deplorable
but not me
Libra you know
unbalanced most of the time!!!

I watched the results show on
Dancing with the Stars last night
and am completely flummoxed
as to why Bristol is still there
Bristol for you non-Yanks
is the daughter of
Sarah Palin
whom I am sure you have heard of
but don't necessarily know
I don't know her either
nor do I wish to know anymore than I already do
but it seems the
"Tea Partiers"
 are suddenly interested in a silly
dance competition and are somehow letting it be known
It's a shame
that a silly competition is being turned into a political statement of some sort
it  isn't Bristol's fault so much
 as it is small minds

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elaine said...

Oh I always have to have lots of things on the go too to stave off boredom:) I'm not a libra though - sagittarius, who can't sit still too long and tends to explore things at a tangent rather than the obvious path:)))

Oh we had a howling storm last night but no lightning. I was awake till 3am listening to all the bangs and crashes..... hyper imagination:)

Merchy said...

I like having several different things to do, it is much more fun.

I like best the basket stitch one! But all of them are really nice, congrats!

Keep on surprising us, please...

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the wind and rain had blown across the Atlantic to the USA - we had awful wind and rain last week - no thunder though. I'm definitely going to try tunisian I think as I like to knit but have no patience for it like I do crochet so this may be a happy compromise for me. I really like the way it works up and I have a book with some stitches in but think I'll go and have a browse for another couple of books on the subject (a couple of hooks too would help I reckon!)

The Garden Bell said...

Wow... look at all that yummie yarn and two needles no less.

I told you in my last posting what I thought was/is going to happen. Was not a big fan of Brandy's personality, but still. What a cryn' shame. Should be interesting to say the least. Can't they just leave our Reality TV only, if we want politics, I'd switch to the News channels...

Anonymous said...

I love love lovve the first pattern your doing!! Can it be found easily? I would love to try it. Dancing... oy... do I agree with you there. Hugs. Tammy

lovestitch said...

Oh I love the yarn, soooooooo beautiful! The patterns you are doing look all great! I just love to have one!
All the best,