Thursday, November 4, 2010

don't forget them

while we all sit  in the saftey  of our warm and comfy houses
please let's not forget the people of
they are facing yet another disaster in the making
a hurricane is about to hit them
something they do not need
something that will,
if the forcast becomes a reality,
just add to the misery these people have endured for almost a year
(and so much longer)
they are predicting
10 inches of rain
winds at storm force
whatever else
mother nature throws at them

the news is scarce
if any
so as you go about your day
keep an eye and ear out for them
the news from there lately is less then good
the money that was pledged after the earthquake
has yet to be used
if indeed there is any money left
 send positive thoughts
hold them in the light
do whatever you do when times like these occur
and don't forget
how lucky we are

1 comment:

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, it is so very sad to think of what those people are about to go through again. Your pictures in the previous post are so pretty. Amazing what nature has to offer up to us if we will just open our eyes. Blessings, Tammy