Monday, November 22, 2010

then one foggy monday morn

even Santa wouldn't be able to find him in this fog!!!

thick thick fog
shrouding everything in a mantle of mist

in the middle of the lake is a flock of something
ducks or geese
I do not know
even outside I couldn't see them

so I guess it's a day to stay inside
make more
dorset buttons
and see what else I can do with them

and of course
she's always here
for company and amusement
wondering what the heck I'm doing on that side of the door
on such a foggy miserable
come back inside you crazy human
is it time to eat

it's been
fifteen minutes



Annemarie's Blog said...

Gorgeous pictures!

allertadele said...

I just love the foggy, misty days, lovely to go out with the camera. Great.

pertinitac@ said...

wonderful photos! looks like a great day to stay inside with some yarns and hooks!