Wednesday, November 3, 2010

better days

found these delightful posters over at

while early morning surfing

it is November
how did that happen?
one of my favorite months
it has one of the best holidays in it
I have always liked
the idea of it anyway
it's the month when the lights go on a little earlier

the smell of wood smoke is in the air
and you hope the neighbour doesn't burn the neighbourhood down!!!

the sweaters come out or you go and buy yourself a couple of new ones
( :} )

socks on the feet and the big old granny robe
to fight off the early morning chill
the leaves have mostly fallen off the trees

so the silhouettes show in the setting sun
and make pretty patterns in the sky

you start to want to bake

and cook soup and stews and chili

it's a wonderful time when the planning hasn't quite taken over
 the hustle and bustle hasn't hit
in that mad dash to
November is a settling in and mulling it over month
or the first few days are
so sit and have a cup of something
feel the light and air around
have a muffin or a cookie

and tell me
how did we get to


elaine said...

I know! November!! And I've only just started the christmas making list:)) Our trees are still clinging on to their leaves but November here signals the start of winter winds and rain so I'm thinking they won't be there much longer! We have changed our clocks here in the UK 1 hour back to daylight saving time so the nights are darker quicker - brrr! I'm already making the soup and thinking about the cake and cookies:) and the log fire is back on. Time to snuggle indoors and get going on that list of presents... :))

MDScaper said...

This November need just pass me's the month the twins turn 50.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I can't believe it is November. And this day has just been one of the craziest ones ever. We did have clouds and a breeze and about 30 seconds of rain which was a nice change. Definitely is getting darker earlier. I think just about every nite I tell you it is time for me to go to bed, and it's that time again. Where do the hours go? Didn't help that we had parent conferences at school so I had to work tonite. :/ Best wishes, Tammy