Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday doings

the rain is over and the sky is clear and it's sunny
but quite chilly.
here endeth the weather forecast!!!

I am not going to mention the hurricane or the fate of the people in its path
 we will not dwell the subject
nothing we can do about it anyway.....
real life doesn't seem to fit in a blog about
"nothing much"!
I have actually read a few blogs lately where the subject of
"real life"
has been mentioned and discussed
it seems the "land of blog" is mainly a place to get away from
"real life"
and spend time on the things that make us

we went to the craft store the other day
the husband is off on a project adventure of his own
this one has nothing to do with
plumbing or caulking or the hunting down of ants
he is making some sort of box
and he wants to inlay it
not sure what because he keeps changing his mind or hasn't made it up yet.
his tools are different from mine
his always involve lots of measuring and futzing about with bits and pieces
I will keep track of it and post when progress is made

while in said craft store

which the husband finds ill equipped  for his needs
so he may not be invited back to stroll its aisles of treasures

I found the box above

decided I needed one more thing to start and  probably not finish
I got what I needed,
 namely a couple of bottles of "whitish" paint
I was asked if I was sure it shouldn't be
because I am a beige person after all
that's it
 he is
for sure!!!!

to put some shells in to remind me of the beach

like I don't have shells in plain sight already!!!!
will keep you posted!!!

in the meanwhile I am still slogging away
 on the scarf I showed you a few days ago
I have decided a great decision
I am not a knitter
it is not that I can't knit
for surely that is what I am doing
it isn't that I don't like
all things knitted
I have a fantasy of making one of those
gossamer shawls that I see all over the place these days

it takes too long and if you screw up
as I do
often and regularly
it's too hard to undo and go back to fix the

unbelievable mess ups you can make
while trying to watch TV
knit in the semidarkness of an evening

look at this

the pattern is very easy and simple
2 rows of knit
one of purl
and the one row that makes the pattern with the holes
and what do I do
I take it in the car
get into a discussion with the husband
it up
I undid the part on the way home
only to turn around and do it again
so I don't know if this will be finished or if I will frog it

or add it on to this
which is
or maybe make another one like this 

this is sock yarn
as they call it
I love the colour change
I've never used sock yarn before
and I can tell you one thing
it's a little too scratchy for me to ever
consider making socks with it
itchy itchy itchy
for those of you who care about these things it's called
Paton's Kroy Sock FX

I really like how this one is going.....I think it's a keeper.....

oh and the husband dropped rather a large hint last evening while he walked by
was that (red) one for him by any chance

 I asked
with the fru fru on the edges, man of mine
you would wear a scarf with little bobbles along the sides

well if you made it for me
he answered
not sure what the hell
fru fru is
but he would wear it anyway!!!!?

I guess a trip back to the ill equipped craft store is in the cards
for some appropriately coloured yarn
that can be made into a scarf
(with a stripe up the middle?????)
for a man who needs a non-fru frued neck warmer
but he's not invited in to choose it
and it won't be beige

so dear readers
that is what is going on this Friday

we won't discuss the laundry or cleaning of the house or the cooking
that really is too
and very very

what are you doing?



allertadele said...

I absolutely love your Tunisian crochet and the yarn, beautiful!

elaine said...

Beige:)) That did make me smile;) Ah, I have a lovely unfinished gossamer lace shawl that suffered the same fate. It's too complex to take back and salvage but I can't bring myself to rip it back after all that hard work.

Today, I'm ignoring the housework, surfing the net looking for inspirational pictures, drinking cups of warm tea and thinking about whether I can get away with not much effort for a meal tonight:)) Oh, and hopefully finishing the fingers on my stripey glove number one....

Have a good evening:)

Mrs Twins said...

Hello Marilyn,
Well all my housework is done so I have a nice tidy house for the weekend. Then I can sit watch TV and do some of my favourite hooking!
You know what that is.SIBOL Blankets for those who dont know.
I still have a stool cover to finish crocheting, and a shawl.
So plenty to be going on with.
have a nice weekend Marilyn,
enjoy whatever you are doing!
Love suex

Anonymous said...

You see, this is why I like your blog - you talk about real life and I like this. My main gripe about a lot of blogs is that too many people seem to wear rose tinted glasses when blog writing and give the image that everything is hunky dory with life and it isn't. They paint a false picture of their life and things around them and I don't know why. I probably do this myself (I try not to) and I shouldn't I know this so maybe I should be giving myself a slap on the wrist too. Keep on keeping it real Marilyn!

Hooked On Yarn said...

I love the colours in your sock yarn!

And I am soooooo pleased to find that I am not the only one who has struggled with that lovely knitted ripple pattern! It's so simple isn't it? It ought to be easy! I started making a blanket in a similar stitch...but somehow, my holes don't line up in the end!!

I think you should persevere with it though. The stitch really suits the delicacy of the yarn. Hope you have better luck with it than I do!

Andi said...

Ah my friend but you are a knitter! I am loving all your beautiful knitting projects. Don't frog that scarf it is so pretty!
No I agree most of us bloggies tend to color coat our issues in our lives that may seem troublesome. I love that you don't, there is nothing wrong with that. That is why we all enjoy reading your blog so much.
Please take a picture if hubby ever does sport that ruffled knit! XO