Saturday, November 20, 2010

what was special...

about today
I thought
as I had my first cup
of that which wakes one up
I couldn't think of anyone's birthday
or anniversary
I checked the calendar and nothing was there
when I went to get the second cup of
you know!!!
the sun was just coming in the kitchen window and I saw this
and you know me by now
I take what I see
( I know.......!!!)

the light playing on the fan

and the new little dish I bought and never showed you

and another sun in the morning light

and then I went outside because the
japanese maple
called to have her portrait taken as she sheds her leaves
as this year winds down

this year.....
struck a chord in the old cobwebs in the brain
a year
of what
then is dawned

:) :) :)

I remembered what has been different this year
for me anyway
I am a blogger
I have a blog
I have followers
and visitors from all over the globe
who come and read  the nonsense I write and look at the photos I post
a year ago today
I started to write and photograph
and post for the whole world to see
today is the anniversary of
and I thank you all for making it such a hoot
I write about nothing and you still come to visit
and I appreciate you all
really really I do
I will probably never ever meet any of you in person
but that isn't the point
we visit
we chat
and we share
little things
big things
and it's fun and full of encouragement
and support
I like it!!!

and this is what it looks like here today
I have the oldest balloon in the world
(I don't know how old it is but it won't die (deflate) so I keep it)

and it's on the desk today
to remind me
of what a fun place
blogland is
and hopefully will continue to be
if you keep coming
you keep
writing your blogs too!!!

Here's to all our blogs
may they be filled with
happy posts
great great photos

If I drank
( and you should be happy I don't coz I'm dizzy enough sober)
I would toast you all with a glass of
thank you all for making it a fun year
so I raise my cup o'java
(which is now a little cold and needs refilling)
and say
Here's to us all
Have a Happy Day



elaine said...

Happy blogiversary;)) Thank you for sharing your creativity, wonderful photos and friendship here in blogland with us all:) Have a happy day - and enjoy a refill on that java!

andamento said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Have a lovely Blogger Birthday! I like the new banner picture... quite um 'pink'! (Mia Self)

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

Happy birthday today ,youre blogg is fun to red fun to look at all the pretty pictures and most of all i have found a great blogg friend :)

pertinitac@ said...

Happy Blogoversary! It's always a pleasure come around, read your nonsense and see your wonderful pictures!

Ann said...

Such beautiful pictures you take! Thanks for sharing your talent and for visiting my blog. Very fun to hear you saw my That's Clever segment - I didn't know it was going to air again! Happy Thanksgiving.