Saturday, November 13, 2010

slightly different

view today
even though this is actually
this is the dock off the neighbour's yard
this neighbour has moved out
don't know why
didn't get a chance to ask
so as there are no real estate for sale signs yet
no trespassing signs posted
and the fact that I used to spend a lot of time there
in the old days when the "boys" were little
and I used to help the lady who lived there
I felt at home
walking on to someone else's property
what I would have said or done had someone questioned my right to be there
well it didn't happen
so I don't know!!!!!

I wasn't doing anything wrong
and I wanted to get as close to the
geese as I could
while they were close into shore
so to speak
there they are
the three amigos
and a
canada goose
who seems to have lost his gaggle
the one on the left is hissing at me
and the others were making
noises in their throats
that told me not to get any closer!!!
I heeded the warning
the other ducks I had actually gone to photograph flew away
as soon as they saw me
and I couldn't get anything worth looking at
they were the ones that were here last year
with the funny shaped heads
and they dive under the water
and pop up somewhere else
I will continue to try to get them....
and remember their name

I didn't check the battery before I ventured off and it started to flash
so I tried not to loose it completely
because it is
a long walk back to
to get a fresh one
you know
so many steps........
by the time I got back to my piece of real estate
they had come up in the next door yard and
still making noises at me
stood for a second and posed
I told them to calm down and just

the Japanese Maple is turning colour
and the sun was coming through the leaves
soon everything will be bare and naked
but for now it is still

so let's enjoy it

for those of you who are interested about the loss of photo room
we have a limit on how many photos we can post
I had to buy
20 GB
of extra room to continue
they put up a notice when I was loading the pics that said
oops you're out of space
come child give me
 I will grant you more space upon which to post your

have joined forces
and linked together
this is how they stay in business
at a time

who knew!!!!
hey for $5 I'm game
that is only one ball of yarn
if you're buying the
good stuff!!!!!!


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Jess said...

Looks very peaceful! I would like a vacation like that.