Monday, November 1, 2010

monday morning monet


(this is a monet......
n'est pas moi!!!!!!)

monet is one of my favorite painters
and when I saw the reflections in the water this crisp cold monday morning

I couldn't help but take
yet another
yes another
photo of the trees in the water
there was a flock of ducks too
but they must be visitors because as soon as they spied me
they flew out of sight
the resident ducks don't do that
and as I tried to see where they had gone
I spied him
to the right of the tree
he flew away too
how rude not to stand there or closer so I can show him to you without the fuzziness of the zoom

and of course as I turned away and started walking back to the house
this gaggle showed up and this is all I could get of them
landing is not the most graceful position to be photoed in!!!

the holly bush is covered in bright red berries
so if the birds and squirrels don't beat me to it
we'll have holly branches for Christmas!!
(did she say CHRISTMAS?!!!)

so back to the cable in tunisian I go
the man and the cat are still asleep
so I have a little more
quiet time to keep going!!!

Yeah...... like it's them that make all the noise!!!!!!


1 comment:

Hooked On Yarn said...

Beautiful photos!
And the Tunisian looks like knitting!