Sunday, October 31, 2010

needles and hooks and plans

OH MY....


coloured tunisian cables
the glasses aren't!!!


will it work?

distraction.......tiny yarn tiny needles

maybe in this

newly learnt stitch
added don't think so!!!

getting bigger old faithful
knit knit knit

I am hooking and  knitting and trying to make a pattern for a tunisian cable

got up at 5 am and decided to try to make a cable
after I don't know how many tries I got it
had to knit it first to get the
"feel" of a cable
did it in crochet
so wrote a pattern and did the stitches
will show more if I keep going
got too many colours to choose from
what a spoilt brat is I....


mosteringalisa said...

It looks nice...and difficult!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Marilyn, I printed a bookmark pattern and over the weekend wanted to try it out. Turned out it was a Tunisian pattern and I couldn't figure out how in the heck to keep all those loops on the hook and do all the other stuff the pattern said to do, so I gave up. I was excited about the next Yarn and Fiber Group this Wednesday evening and then realized I have to work that nite because of Parent/Teacher Conferences at school. Ugh! Knitting was going to be the meetings focus. Although my cousin tried to teach me before and I didn't get it. I wanted to at least give it another go. Oh well! I need to hit the hay so will cruise for now. Goodnite. :) Tammy

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Marilyn, if you look right under my profile, there is an email button there. Give it a try! I didn't make the Tunisian bookmark because I couldn't keep the loops on my hook. :/ Maybe it was for knitting and not crocheting. I will have to find the pattern again and see if I can find the link for it. I'm at work, just having quick break. Bye! Tammy