Wednesday, October 20, 2010

not just needlework...

I stupidly thought I would be hooking on the way down....
I did one row I think
before it got put away
needed to navigate a little
watch the landscape change
and most importantly
look for the nearest loo
places to eat
(we actually only stopped once)

this will be frogged....too short and scratchy!!!

As well as the knitting she did
sister dear beaded
knit a few rows
bead a few necklaces
she is a perfectionist and will not tolerate anything that is not perfect
in her eye

I started this "monster" a few years ago
when I stupidly thought I could make jewelry
and took all the beads and equipment to the cottage
and invited her to join in the fun!!!
she was instantly hooked!!!
and now has her own stash of treasures and tools
and makes numerous necklaces at a time....
they are to die for!!!!

they were all over the table and the counter tops
we played and laid them on the stitchery

bunched them together to look like
Pirate Booty
Blackbeard was a frequent visitor to these parts
you know

look at the blues
tibetan stones and silver

silver and lapis and pearls 
oh my!!!! 
In the coffee shop we visit to buy the best coffee around
is a little bead shop called
"the garden of beadin'"
!!!! :)
there they have
the type of beads that kids use to make friendship bracelets and necklaces with hemp cord
beachy stuff
but if you look around you will find some very interesting stuff
one of which, this time, was recycled glass
sister fell in love and we went back to get it
and then back again to get some more!!!
She strung it with some seed beads I had taken
and we played with it
on the blue scarf I'm still making
and then out on the beach and into the sunshine

We noticed we have a love of blue
all blue
the colours of the sky and the water
and if you spend just a few minutes looking
you will notice how the colours change

from one

to two

to three


Mrs Twins said...

Goodness what fun you've been having!
I'm just loving those blue beads!
Great post,
Love Suex

Anonymous said...

Everything about this post is gorgeous. Hugs. Tammy

Elizabeth Cat said...

Wooowww! Fabulous! And such gorgeous combinations of beads and colours!