Monday, October 25, 2010

sunday roast....always

we always used to have a roast of some kind
on Sunday when I was growing up
it was a pork roast
or a beef roast
or a chicken
 always came with
roast potatoes
peas and carrots and green beans
gravy but not from a can or a packet
real gravy made from the juices of whatever had cooked
I had to peel the potatoes and carrots
when I had had a few cooking lessons
at home and at school
I made the
Yorkshire Pudding
it has good memories
when I got much older
my parents got into the habit of going to the pub
close to the Castle
of the Windsor kind!!
we would walk up and sit and have a
don't remember what my father drank
my mother would have a Campari and soda
a friend from Kenya lived with us when my sister left
and he would have beer or a whiskey
when I was of age
I had a shandy
beer and English lemonade mixed together
English lemonade is kinda like 7-up
we'd eat a sausage
that had been cooked in the pub's oven and I could have had
those for lunch quite happily
nothing like a good old English banger!!
after all the drinking and eating
we'd walk back home and sit down and eat the roast
the potatoes the veggies
and that delectable
Yorkshire Pudding.....
I didn't make it for a long time after I came here
first of all no one knew what it was
I didn't have my own kitchen till I got married
and I had kind of forgotten about it
even though I did miss the feeling of the
Sunday Lunch
when I had kids of my own and we moved here and things got settled
I started making
Sunday Roasts
with roast potatoes
carrots peas and green beans
Yorkshire Pudding
my boys liked it very much
they ate what they liked
I never ever forced them to eat something they didn't like
why have a gagging child to spoil a meal
I mean really!!!!
so I continued the tradition of
Sunday Lunch
and one day my youngest asked me
may I ask you a question
Yes child I answered
what is it that you wish to know
why do we always have roast on Sundays
could you find it in your heart to give us
oh I don't know

each time he comes to visit us
he calls and says
don't care what you cook
but whatever it is
would you
could you
pretty please
make some
Yorkshire Pud.......

one day I will
I will I swear
make him spaghetti and Yorkshire Pud......



T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha! That's funny. My kids think they are deprived around here most of the time. They don't dig the veges like I do. :/ Lovely scarf for your sister. I spent the whole day crocheting on Saturday but it's just been crazy the past couple of days. Welcome back home -- although I see you've been back for days. I am behind in visiting. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy


Hi, What a lovely story that I really enjoyed reading. You should make him spagetti one day and see what he says!
Varm regards,

Anonymous said...

Roast dinners are my favourite too. My most favourite of all the roast dinner varieties is slow cooked brisket of beef - cooked til it just falls apart - with roast potatoes, yorkies, real gravy and roast carrots and butternut squash and cauliflower cheese. I could eat it everyday! (That and Christmas dinner!)

sophie... said...

I grew up on Yorkshire it to pieces! I can smell and taste it now....mmm!
PS...tks for the kind remarks re: Mirror Image!

MDScaper said...

M, surely you must have had a "joint" or two when you were with us?
But I guess Mum would make it.

I love bangers and mash! Nothing better than a pub lunch.