Saturday, October 16, 2010




I got up before the sun
before anyone else.
I made coffee
and watched as the sun made the sky lighter
there was a band of clouds across the
marching from the north to the south
I was thinking about how long
humans have been doing this
watching the sun come back from the dark void
here on the ocean
it appears out of the sea
second by second
nothing can stop it
no one can stop it
we stand each one of us
and look as a new day begins
people starting appearing
some in heavy jackets
bracing against the wind
others in their pajamams
hot cup of coffee cradled against them
steam rising and whirling about their face
couples standing on the stairs
arms around eachother for warmth
maybe watching the
"last sunrise"
in a split second
the hot orange orb peeks above the clouds
and rises seemingly faster now
up into the sky breaking free of the watery horizon
perfectly round
ever present
but new
each and every day
and we humans stand and watch as if it were the first time



manda's challenges :) said...

beautiful poem loved it xx

Valerie said...

let's hope the mankind won't be fool enough, and will see some sunrises & sunsets for a long long time...