Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I wonder....

on a day I have had very little to wonder about

(except how do two clean and tidy people and a small cat make such a mess
and where in the h e double tooth picks do all the ants and spiders come from)

if the idea for
candy corn
that is found here at Halloween
was copied from acorns
or if it actually comes from
corn kernels


I found some acorns today
that have three shades on them and it made me wonder....

I like this shading very much!!!
this one nearly hit me in the head
so I brought it inside to ponder on a while!!
It probably comes from the corn
or it would be called
 acorn candy

Now for some stitchy talk.....

this stitch doesn't have a name that I know of
if it does
it's in Portuguese
and I wouldn't understand anyway

it looks like
fish scales
dragon skin

I had a time getting it to work properly
but I finaly got it
and it's quite interesting

have no idea what to do with it though
too thick and hot for a scarf
unless you live
I don't know,
I was going to say the North Pole
but there's no snow left up there

so, somewhere really really cold
maybe Florida this year??

(this has been frogged since I wrote this.....will try again at some point!!
but it is easy to do, once you "get it" )

It was quite cold last night
so lovely and refreshing
but it's getting dark too soon.
It's soup and stew and casserole time....
and yummy fruit cake...
if I'm not too ditsy after inhaling all that cleaning fluid!!!
See ya's!!!



Frualbertsson said...

Hello Marilyn
Strangly happy to hear that you have had problems with that hat on my blog to. I really don´t understand more than the first 6 rows.

The pattern whith fishscales is the same as on my little yellow summerbag. I saw this pattern on bags from Rhodes.

Hugs, Susanne

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, egads, time gets away from me. And yesterday our internet was not working. And now it is time for bed. ugh! Tomorrow I am back to check out the tute's you've posted. Glad to see you got them all working. Toodles til tomorrow. :) Tammy

Heather said...

Pretty stitch. I saw a teapot cozy made with that stitch (I think on Crochetville). It was beautifully done. If I come across it, I'll post a link. Have a great day! :-)

Pammy Sue said...

Roofing shingles...

Heather said...

Here's the link... http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1998271&postcount=1

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

That knit is gorgeous. I'm reminded of inger's dragon scale shawl, do you know what I'm talking about? So I immediately though shawl but a bag would be awesome too.

Love the acorn.