Friday, October 15, 2010

it's hot it's cold it's dry it's wet

what's that expression...
wait five minutes and the weather will change

we've had almost all four seasons
but no one is complaining
at least not in this little cottage by the sea

the fish are a'runnin'
so the fishers of fish are happy
tall tales are told
memories of other catches are shared
they stand there in the surf
stock still
for ages
watching the tide come in and out
old and young
seasoned and novice
the old ones passing down the tips and ways
of doing it right

old men and the sea
they just seem to go together
they have a connection that goes back to the beginning
the sea giving and taking
as the old men do
with stories of how it used to be
and advice on how it should be
stories that make their eyes twinkle
and memories only they can see......

this one is one of my

and I hope he gets the catch of his life.......

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T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh that is a sweet photo. I would love to be in a cottage by the sea experiencing 4 seasons all at once. Best wishes, Tammy