Tuesday, October 19, 2010

home again

home again
back in the wood
we left the sea behind us
we'd have brought it if we could

the sound of the ocean
in the wind the smell of salt
the feel of the sand
came to a screeching halt
as we turned North on the Highway
a little to the West
we always say
to the house
that's just the best

it's plain and  it's simple
but it has all that we need
a view of the ocean

and the sound of the waves

as they crash on the shoreline
just a few steps away

stand strong number seven
when the winds blow over you
when the ocean laps upon the dunes
that are there to shelter you
we'll see you once again
when the leaves start to fall
here in the wood
where the trees are all so tall
if I climb to the top of one maybe I can see
the little blue house
that stands by the sea......


deb@virginia blue said...

I am insanely jealous of your vacay at the beach! I haven't been in AGES, and whenever I see pics from the Outer Banks, it always brings back wonderful memories of summer vacations.

So happy that you were able to get away, enjoy some time with your sister, and play {and relax} at the beach...

Happy Belated Birthday, dear!!


sophie... said...

A real gorgeous relaxing refuge...so fortunate....nothing better than the sounds of the ocean and sea life. Thanks for this!

Angie said...


Mrs Twins said...

I should think you have had a really lovely relaxing time Marilyn!
These photos are beautiful!
Hugs Suex

Anonymous said...

I would be content just to sit at her edges! Gorgeous shots. Hugs. Tammy

Valerie said...

well written !
i like the color of the sand & dunes; these houses are so close to the water... isn't it a bit dangerous by very high tides ?

we live near the coast but i wish we lived BY the ocean... i was born & raised on the coast anyway. i need the water.