Thursday, October 28, 2010

thursday things

I learnt how to

do something called

Channel Island Cast On

and then I figured out how to make knitted bobbles
at the beginning of the rows
(and no that isn't my hair or the cat's hair
it's alpaca wool so I guess it's alpaca hair!!!)

and this afternoon
 I went outside to have a cup of coffee
which lasted about five seconds
when I looked up and saw this

then I decided to change the lens setting on my camera
and put it on
and walked into the back and saw this


my gentle giant
the beechnut is beginning to turn

and the first of the Japanese Maple

Hope you had a thursday full of
all good
(I changed the lens back to what it had been because I don't think I know what I'm doing!!!!)



Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos of God's paintbrush. Tammy

Svana ValerĂ­a said...

such pretty things around you all day ,arnt you just blinded by the beauty ,have a super good weekend my friend hugs and more hugs from the land of Norway :)

"Never Knew" said...

Beautiful photos!