Friday, October 1, 2010


that is what we are.
The rain didn't stop for long yesterday
the storm called
arrived and dumped more water.
In our immediate area
other than the streams and creeks running higher
I don't think we had anything of any consequence
but just a little North of us
it was a different story for those poor people
and of course South of us
where the storm actually came onshore
Wilmington NC
20" of rain.....
20 inches
the lake as Nicole came over.
But it didn't flood
and the rush of clean water will be good for it.
I loved hearing all the sounds we haven't heard for such a long time
the rain on the leaves of the trees
make a rushing sound
the drip drop on the roof
watching the light change
as the waves of rain came in and left
a couple of them really torrential downpours
and we were inside
dry and cosy
which is a blessing.

I found my beads and sorted them out

glass leaves and some mixed stone "berries"



sitting on the pun'kins

shining in the light

found one of the turquoise and pearl combinations I was so fond of
still am
turquoise, fresh water pearls, silver spacer beads and tiger eye
I found some other left over turquoise and started another one but didn't take a picture yet

that "thing" it is sitting on
is a brick from our beach house
I call it "Our" beach house
because we have gone to it for so long it feels like ours
it is also referred to as
I found it on the sand the last time we were down
I bring all sorts of strange things home
but I will never again
bring home a jar of  sandy water
I brought a bunch of Spanish moss back one year
hung it off the trees and around some plants
but the birds came and took it to line their nests with!!!
(I DID NOT take it off the trees down there
 I picked it up off the ground
big difference )

We had the "goulash"
it was good even if I say so myself!!
and the hubs had a second
or was it third
piece of pie!!!!

Oh and the mystery leak
when it started pouring
the hubs lay down under the sky light
hoping he could see it
but not a drip
not a drop
just stray leaves and raindrops

So today as the wind blows the storm away
and the water starts to drain
here's looking at a great weekend around here
and hopefully
where ever you are too.

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