Thursday, October 21, 2010

can you stand a few more

well, this is my blog so you're going to have to!!!!!
:) :) :)

It sure has turned chilly.
Last night I couldn't wait to get into the old jammies and big granny robe
and cosy up on the couch and work on the scarf

and watch one murder and mayhem
programme after another
why is there nothing but cop shows on TV?

I miss the sound of the sea......
it's a constant there

and the bright blinding glare of the sun
making shadows
 not allowing you to see what you're looking at while taking pictures!!!!
Thank goodness my little camera knows what I want and takes them anyway!!!

I found this little fellow on the other side of the pier one morning
with a treasure he kept all to himself
no sharing this with the others
a half eaten apple
that was completely gone by the time I walked back
he had a good breakfast that day
so much better than stale bread

this is the pier that has been rebuilt over the last two years
the old one was destroyed in a hurricane
it is built of concrete and the building looks like a McMansion but will weather soon and fit in better with its surroundings

being under the pier was like being in an underground parking lot

if one used ones imagination

an ancient Egyptian Temple

complete with a little wooden

these chairs were empty but still enjoyed the view they had
outside one of the oldest motels along the beach
we really must remember to take the chairs next time!!!

we went to see the lighthouse on the island we stay on
it's called
we know that because we speak the native tongue after so many visits!!!!!
we spent three weeks down there one year and did everything there is to do and you listen and hear the way the locals say things and learn
not mantayo!!!!
Anyway, the lighthouse is undergoing a renovation and cleaning and it looks like a rocket ship ready for takeoff
the wind rushes around the metal scaffolding and makes a very strange noise
not quite a whistle
but a sound very much like heavy traffic in the distance!!!!

there is a wooden walkway that goes out over a marsh full of birds and tall grasses
the water is the colour of rust and the light and shadows are wonderful
the sister and I on the corner.......she's the one making the O

amber coloured water....
think it's caused by the plants.....
that's it for today

have been catching up with the blogs and flickr on and off with working on the scarf
the house is so clean I haven't had to do any of that kind of thing
the resident housekeeper is so much better at it than me/I!!!!
but it will wear off soon and I'll be back behind the vaccuum me thinks!!!

thank you all for the nice things you've said these past few days
I really do enjoy hearing from you all
and I hope I'm not boring you too much with all the photos...
but I took so damn many of them
I have to share!!!!!
Have a great day
or afternoon
or evening

just be great
like you always are



manda's challenges :) said...

Oooh Marilyn,it was wonderful sharing the day with you loved every minute bored?? hell no!! loved the pics as well as the imagination behind them fabulous! more more hehe

Anonymous said...

I love the amber colored water photo. Gorgeous. Hugs. Tammy

Annemarie's Blog said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Andi said...

How could anyone get bored with those beautiful pictures. I so need to go there on my next vacation. Tell your sister to save a place for me at the table!
Your scarf is looking beautiful. Definetely your colors!

Valerie said...

there would be so much to say about such a post !
first i love the light on your beaches : beautiful ! and the piers, we don't have piers here !
like Manda, i do enjoy that you share some of your days with LOTs of photos ! so much traveling from my couch !!