Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I guess you've been good and waited long enough!!!

 I'll show you what we made
while we were down beside the seaside!!!
We found a LYS
(local yarn store)
on Roanoke Island
which is on the Western side of the Outer Banks

the owner is very helpful and full of information
about all the yarns she has
she also knows all the different ways of knitting
she teaches as well so she has seen it all
the armpit knitters
the crotch knitters
the knee knitters
all the different ways of holding the yarn
the Continental
the English
the Portuguese
with the yarn thrown around your neck and the thumb going
the South American
which is how I do it
she can do all of them

after we had looked around we found some yarns
and she asked if we'd like to wind it
she has one of those contraptions that holds the skein and rotates as you pull the yarn
You yarnies who make your own yarn will know what I mean
I lost the photos I took of it!!!
anyway she did the first one and then let me do the other two

this is the winder full of the yarn
(I want one!!!!)
for a scarf  for my sister
It is done in Tunisian stitch
with a big fat needle
size K
and a pattern from the book my sister bought me for my birthday

(what a spoilt brat I am.....)

the other book I bought at a book store another day.

(this is Tdc)

(this is two tog and Tsimplestitch)
so this is the scarf I made
with stitches I have never done before
but are easy to do
the yarn is from Peru
 grown on the coast and spun in the foothills
it smells of something wonderful
we don't know what!!!!
We had no way of blocking it so it's a bit wonky
but then
so are we!!!!!

and this is the scarf my sister made
with two needles and the yarn she chose
a mercerised cotton that is to die for!!!!!

Watching her knit again after so long, as I said before, was fabulous
elbows out    tongue out   :p
concentrating so hard to count and remember to change the stitch
panicking if she dropped one or messed up .....

when the red one was done
I started another one for her
with an even softer blue
same yarn as the red and just as wonderful

pattern from the other book
the lady at the yarn shop gave me the hook as a b/d present
which was so sweet of her
and I recommend going there if you ever find yourself in Manteo
and I hope you do one day
the name of the shop is
Fine Yarns At Kimbeeba
tell her the two English sisters sent you!!!

I'll show you some other yarns in another post....
and what else was going on in the cottage by the sea!!!

back to the blue one........have to get it done before the cold sets in.....

thanks for stopping by


Mrs Twins said...

I've read all about your break. Loved the photos, love the header photo wow!
Love the yarn shop!
Fantastic time Marilyn,
love suex

Anonymous said...

Look at all your projects. I'm just now getting back into crocheting after quite a break from it. I think sewing took over and the crochet hit the back seat. I'm glad to have found it again. Your work is beautiful. Hugs. Tammy

"Never Knew" said...

What a wonderful shop, what a wonderful place to holiday, and what wonderful crochet you made! And thanks for telling me what LYS stands for... I had no idea and thought it was a chain of yarn shops in the US and UK! LOL
Love your Tunisian work... would really like to try that one day...
Thanks for sharing,
Caz from Never Knew :)

Rómulo Vela Cervantes said...

Hi! Marilyn, excellent post, lovely photos!

Besitos from México!!! :D

Valerie said...

what ?!! you don't have a ball winder ?!! you miss half of the fun :P

i so enjoyed reading this post ! what a fab shop it must be and i smiled when i read at all the different ways to hold a crochet hook or some knitting needles !

when you say Tunisian stitch (GORGOUS stitch !!!) is it crocheted with a tunisian crochet ?
(I have one given to me by a friend, but have not used it yet -- too many things too little time !)