Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy doing nothing..

lousy photo of a very pretty sunset last night
my camera has something off on it and I don't know what
maybe it got sand in it
moisture at the beach
messed it up
cross your fingers it's nothing major

I made the man a cake yesterday

"yellow" with coconut and pecans
he said not to leave it out because the hoards of ants we have would eat it before he could!!
Did I tell you we have HOARDS of ants in the kitchen
can't find out where they are coming from
they are out
then they are in
I told the man they have a tiny stargate
and he laughed
so it isn't too bad yet

I have this to show you because
it got bad
the ant situation
they were swarming along the wall this morning
so the resident ant hunter said
that blankety blank stuff I've been using isn't working
have to go to the big orange box store to get some more
I...being me asked
 is it ant poison you have been using
oh great red looking hunter
he says no
it's for all kinda critters
ants too maybe
you wanna come too
no thanks
he looks forsaken
you want the company I ask
would be nice but only if you want to
need anything at the yarn store
(he wanted the company)
oh I suppose

I had been planning on working on this fine piece of something
with the yarn I bought in NC

but I went
we bought all the ant spray they had
and then some!!!

 and I came home with new yarn
this is just to get the feel of it
it's so soft and
the new bamboo needles are so quiet!!!

more yarn
 and a song in my heart

this is the fourth time I have started this pattern from my new book
they say be careful and don't twist the chain when you join
they don't say anything about twisting it while working

I know



deb@virginia blue said...

I love the Debbie Stoller yarn!!
Also, I envy your ability to knit... I taught myself to crochet many years ago, but for some reason I'm a bit intimidated to try doing the same with knitting.

Isn't buying new yarn the BEST??


Anonymous said...

I think I can find needles that don't clank and move smoothly, I would take up knitting again. You would be surprised how agitating it can be knitting with a migraine. I used to love but stop years ago. I have recently picked back up my crochet hook. :) Hugs. tammy

Andi said...

Oh hello blue scarf. That looks familiar! Don't you love that pattern? All your yarn looks lovely. I hope the ant problem ends soon.

Nilla said...

I simply love the way you write! :)