Saturday, October 2, 2010


Have word from across the Pond that the
page on the top is finally working!!!
Hope it works for you too Tammy.... and thank you again Elaine for letting me know!!
Will try to put others up and then we won't have to go through the whole blog looking for them
(we = I!!!!!)

This was the sky yesterday

(for some reason which I will not try to figure out
or worry about the other photos wouldn't load)

The sky couldn't have been "bluer" if it had tried
the air was clean and crisp
we had a breeze blowing
and I opened up the windows and doors
and let it into the house.
the first real day of Autumn.
For many, North and South of us, it was clean up day
I really feel for them as the damage is quite bad in some areas.
Hope the nice weather makes it a little easier for them.
This morning it is almost cold!!!
The thermostat in the living room says
68 F
no a/c no heater
just cool air
inside and out!!
The weather man says it's going to be a great weekend
and we won't talk about Monday and Tuesday next
we'll just relish in our
Autumn day!

I finished the Wiggle Rug on Thursday evening
It is done.
That's all I have to say about it, as I really don't like it.
The husband says I am too critical
and he thinks it's just fine...

and the Flickr bunch say so too. 
So, there it is.....

No, it isn't going to stay there
I just had to photograph it somewhere and it was early morning with no light
so I threw it under the spotlight in the living room!!!!

So with only one tree, so far, changing its colour
and I think it is actually dying more than changing
and the good news the pages work
I will leave you for now to go and  do something

I have a "guest" coming next weekend
and it's going to take a month of Sunday's to get the room
sorted and ready!!!

Not really.....
but I do need to get up and do something else!!!



deb@virginia blue said...

you're crazy!...i think that rug is FAB.U.LOUS.!!!

glad you're enjoying some honest-to-goodness Fall weather. in my opinion, there's no place in the world quite like Virginia in autumn...i'm a wee tad jealous that you're there and i'm not.


Andi said...

Love the new header! Brings Autumn right into my home. Oh and M- that rug us gorgeous. I don't know what tiy are thinking. It is quite lovely as is all your work. :) XO

MDScaper said...

M, I think the tree is dying : (.

A mystery guest...hmmmm.