Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday farewell.....

five days home
and still thinking about the beach
but I know it is time to get back to "being home"

and saying
 until the next time

shells on the sand

and beer on the run

houses in pink
it's not the only one

metal that rusts in no time at all

steps that go up and and make you feel tall

flowers that grow next to rusty old things

signs that can point you to all sorts of whims

you can be sure that the fishers of fish
will be standing here
and wishing their wish
to catch that big one
that will legends then make

and tales of the catch will be told as they take
a walk on the sand where the sun casts its glow
on the windows that face the winds as they blow
over water and sand
and we hope that they miss
all the houses and people
who live near
whale piss

this is what a certain gentleman told his grand daughter the foam on the sea is
when she asked him
he is the teller of tale tales
and I hope we meet him again to hear more of his silly stories

So I guess I have tortured you enough with photos and silly rhymes
but I don't promise this is the end
if the photos that I "lost" can be retrieved
be warned
I will post more
if not
there are still a few that will show up every now and then
so for now
it's back to the pictures of what I see
around me
here in the wood
where the trees are beginning to turn
and there is a chill in the air
and the acorns are falling by the tons and making it quite "dangerous" to be outside.
one more hit in the head
and that damn tree is coming down!!!!!!!



MiA said...

Hi Marilyn!
Lovely beach pictures - I just love that pink house :))

allertadele said...

Love the poem Marilyn, especially loving the last line :) x

Anonymous said...

Love the rusty/flowers photo. And the stairs. Stairs at the beach are so different than anywhere else!! Hgus. Tammy

melbatoast68 said...

First time by. Lovely photos of the beach. Now I'm wanting to go back too! Doesn't NC have the most beautiful beaches?