Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's a new day.....

a very wet, soggy day
but nevertheless
a good one.
We have a "system" over us. Actually, anybody on the East Coast has it.
all the way down to Cuba
and all the way up North to who knows where
that is drenching us in
The lake is filling up fast,
the ducks and geese are swimming from one end to the other,
yes they smile
the ground is wet and absorbing it all
and the sound of raindrops
on the roof is just
The fact that I had to sleep on the couch last night,
because we have a mystery leak in the sky light,
didn't even bother me!!!
The husband checked to see where it was coming from
but couldn't find a wet spot or see where the drops were coming from
and why my feet were wet,
but it didn't bother me.
After trying to find a way to sleep without my feet "in water"
I just grabbed my pillow and changed sleeping spots.

The cat makes a lot of noise in the quiet of the night!!
She paces and digs in her litter box
she slurps her water and when licking the last morsel out of her feeding dish
she moves the dish across the tile floor.
She sat and stared at me for a while, purring very loudly....
It didn't bother me!!!

My decision to quit trying to fight
Google and Blogger
was the right one.
I did not decide to quit the blogging,
as some of you may have thought,
just the loading of the pages.
It will happen at some point.
I will get the light bulb over the head moment
or the problems THEY are having will be solved
one day you will click on the blog and there they will be, in all their glory,
 Thank You for the words of encouragement and  the offer of help!!!
That's really nice!!!
today is a day to relish having to stay inside.
We are under a Tornado Watch all day and into the evening
but as long as it stays calm and just plain rain
all will be well.
I went to the store yesterday and got things to make
"Comfort food"
we had the most delicious dinner last night.
(I make a mean meat loaf.....
my kids used to ASK for it
much to the surprise and disgust of their friends)!!!
Apple Pie with ice cream (yuk) for the hubs
and tonight we will have
that I cooked long and slow
 yesterday when I got back.

So, its a day of tidying up and reading and hooking
and watching whatever is on later.
We watched another episode of
Inspector Lewis last night
taped from Sunday
wish I had saved it for today...
but it doesn't bother me
not one bit
no more being bothered by little things.
I'll save it for the
big, important things...
 See Ya,


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The Garden Bell said...

So, glad to see you made the right decision. We have all had those days of wanting to throw blogger out the window. They do pass and we get right back at it. Love all your rain shots.