Saturday, September 18, 2010

sunset rendezvous

This is what I saw last evening
as I started to cook dinner.

another group of
Canada Geese
stopping by for the night.
This morning when I loaded the photos
I spied a little
that I hadn't seen there
amongst the group
It's a bit hard to see him
but he is below the pile of sticks
sitting down
a banquet he will never have!!!!

There he is again
a little closer to his quarry
so close
and yet so
not in his tummy!!!
(click on the photo and it will make it bigger
and if you still can't see him
click again and it'll get really big!!!)

They all got away
this time!!!

Now some of you are going to say
get closer to them so we can see them better
use the close up
(I did)
go stroll amonst them
and take up close personal shots
I would
 if I could
but I can't
Just opening the door
or moving
closer to them
makes them very nervous
and some of them
quite mad....
I will not
even for the sake of
 get chased and bitten by these
wild creatures....
they move fast
and there are more of them than me!!!
It takes a while to get them close
and if they come into the back yard
I will hang out of the window or door
and try to get a better shot.
There will be many more of them
flying in
and we will do our very best to
get  you closer to the wild.


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Angie said...

Beautiful. I continue to be amazed at your view; and, I can tell you enjoy it immensely.