Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super fabulous

is what this morning is

went out with my second cuppa and
saw this.....

nothing like a spider web high up in a tree
catching the morning light
to wipe the world away for a minute

no racism up there
no hatred for a whole section of humans
no myopic
up there!

Just nature doing what it does
even with the violence that must take place when no one is looking!!!
Spiders kill to eat
Not for sport
or money
or hate
or twisted
malformed ideas
they don't have small minds
and big mouths

so I continued
and saw the first rays
touching the leaves on the
Japanese Maple
bright clear crisp
as it is every morning
before the "world" touches it
pollutes it

this little thing
even though he would sting me in a nanosecond
and cause me pain
would do it to defend himself
so I left him to his morning drink
and let the others buzzing around me
in too.
I have no business interrupting him
and trying to change his habits.

this bush is ready to bloom
even though there has been very little rain
and the long dry spell is getting worse by the hour
it does what it was made to do
bloom where it stands
shame we don't let those around us bloom
by being better than those we claim to be better than
no one is better than anyone else
if what you spread are educated thoughts
facts that are factual
and not some convoluted rubbish
twisted  to suit your bull crap agenda
all in the name of some deity you made up to sooth your sick mind

this little one would have maybe grown up to be a mighty oak
but the husband
brought it in to me
and its life was interrupted
like so many lives have been
because we insist that we are right and they are wrong
and our gods are bigger and better than their gods
and the only way they can prove it is by
a fire that comes from
or bombs
or minds so small and frightened
they burn with hatred so hot
it may start a fire we won't be able to put out.


MDScaper said...

Gosh M, I have to say, not that I don't enjoy all your posts, that this was one of your best. Perhaps it's because there wasn't any crocheting!!! LOL. J/K.

Your admirer,


Anonymous said...

Yes, MDScaper, she's good when she gets going, and is feeling well! If only more people were this direct, honest and articulate!